Monash Exam Feedback 2016.2

Many thanks to Pourya Pouryahya and the rest of the Team Monash for organising the practice exam once again, and thanks also to Arun Ilancheran for helping write the question. 

The marks varied with a blistering top mark of 15/16 scored by two candidates, and a bottom mark of 3 also scored by two candidates. The raw marks were converted to marks out of 10 which are shown below.  

The average mark was 9/16 for this question, which was just below the set pass mark of 10/16.

My brief summary of the question can be found in the video above, with some excellent links listed below.

Of note, Chris Nickson and Mark Little's excellent case report on a patient with verapamil toxicity published in 2009 MJA provides a great discussion on early use of HIET. 

Feel free to email me or Arun Ilancheran if you have any further questions. 



Calcium Channel Blocker Toxicity - LITFL

EMCrit on calcium channel blocker OD

Nickson CP, Little M. Early use of high-dose insulin euglycaemic therapy for verapamil toxicity. MJA 2009; 191 (6): 350-352 (pdf reprint)

St-Onge M, Dubé PA, Gosselin S, et al. Treatment for calcium channel blocker poisoning: a systematic review. Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.). 52(9):926-44. 2014. [pubmed] [free full text]